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How to help users that forget their ExpenseLink password with Password Hints
Do your users ever forget their Gelco password? Did you know that you can enable Password Hints so that users can set up a security question in order to recover a forgotten password so that they won’t have to contact their PA to reset it?

When you log into ExpenseLink as a User, there is a link for Login Information on the My Profile Tab. The User can choose a Security Question (Mother’s Maiden Name, First Pet, etc) and they supply an answer to the question.

If they have designated a Security Question and Answer and enter the wrong password when logging in, they will see a link on the homepage for Forgot Password? and they can use their Security Question and Answer to login. They will then be prompted to change their password.

It is now standard for Gelco to enable the capability to set up Security Questions on all new accounts. If you are interested in this capability, simply contact and we will enable this for your account.